Creek Ranch Rules & Regulations

For a full list of all rules and regulations, please see the document Rules and Regulations on the owner’s web site ( under Creek Ranch Policies.

Horseback Riding

Trail riding on Creek Ranch common lands is open to owners and guests at any time. Gates along County Road 179 are to be closed immediately after passing through. All other gates should be left the way you found them. If you observe a hazard on a ride, please notify the Equine Committee or ranch manager as soon as possible.

Trails and other riding areas on Creek Ranch common lands are not maintained as “bridle trails”, and should be considered similar to “wilderness trails” such as might be encountered in National Forests or BLM lands. There may be rocks, tree roots, prairie dog and badger holes, and other obstacles. Wildlife, including deer, elk, coyotes, and foxes, are abundant on the Ranch. Mountain lions and black bears are possible. It is the rider’s responsibility to choose the appropriate location and speed for your horse depending on the terrain, your ability level, your horse’s training and experience, and its deposition when confronted with obstacles or wildlife.

Certain trails may cross Trout Creek. Do not cross the creek during high water. Know your horse’s ability to cross flowing water before attempting to cross, even during low water. Don’t forget that algae-covered rocks may be slippery. Cross Trout Creek only at approved, sign posted fords (Baker Ford, HQ Ford, and Trout Trail West).

The arena is available for owners, tenants, and their family members and guests at any time, unless paid reservations for exclusive use have been made in advance. Horse droppings in the arena, driveway, parking lot, and barn are to be removed immediately at the end of the riding session. Equine guidelines are posted in the headquarters barn and on the Owner’s site. Please be familiar with them and make sure your waiver is on file each year.

Recreational Vehicle Riding

ATV’s may be used on common lands ONLY on the North Trails on this trail map. All vehicles must be ridden in control at all times, and at a speed that minimizes risks and inconvenience to other Creek Ranch owners. Please be very extremely respectful and yield to all hikers, horseback riders, and bicyclists. When approaching a horseback rider, please pull off to the side of the trail and turn your motor off to prevent the horse from being spooked. Vehicles are intended as a way for more owners and guests to enjoy the beauty of our common lands, not as an off-road playground for blasting around.

Please do not drive on the trails when they are muddy. This can leave substantial ruts in the ground and be difficult to repair. 

Licensed motorcycles may only be used on Ranch Roads (Benh Lane, Whetstone Lane, Creek Ranch Road, etc.).

When riding your ATVs on your private lot, please keep noise levels under control so you don’t disturb your neighboring owners.

ATVs or snowmobiles may be used for the transportation of hunters to and from suitable hunting areas. However, hunters must not actively use vehicles in search of or pursuit of game, and may not fire at the game from any vehicle.

Vehicles may be used on the common land for ranch maintenance and work. As owners, you are encouraged to check fences, trail conditions, weed control, and other ranch work when on common land.

Come Home & Explore!

With over 2,000 acres of common land and over 19 miles of trails Creek Ranch is great place to enjoy the Colorado mountains.

It is our land and therefore each of our responsibility to ensure that Creek Ranch is used with care and respect, with a view to preserving and enhancing the values and enjoyment of Creek Ranch by all owners, now and in the future. Tread lightly and avoid damaging trails and land. Respect the rights, privacy and privileges of others.

Currently the common land is lightly used, so there are few opportunities for conflict between users. Communication can readily prevent most potential conflicts before they even occur.

If you see any spots that need maintenance or have problems on the trail (we’ll try to bail you out), please contact either.


The North Trails and the meadows surrounding those trails are the best place to ride your snowmobile. Please do not ride your snowmobile until there is at least 12 inches of snow on the ground. There are a few restrictions on where you can ride your snowmobile:

  • Snowmobiles may never be ridden in the meadow across the creek from Baker and Thames (Remainder Parcel A).
  • Snowmobiles may ride Feather’s Frolic only to get to the BLM land past the water tank (Remainder Parcel D).
  • Snowmobiles may be ridden on Ranch Roads only to get to common areas and trails.

Bicycle Trail Riding

Bicycles may be ridden on any of the existing trails. Please only cross Trout Creek at the Bake Ford, HQ Ford or Trout Trail Ford. Please be careful as the trails are not maintained as smooth cycling trails, and should be considered similar to “wilderness trails” such as might be encountered in National Forests or BLM lands. There may be rocks, tree roots, ground squirrel and badger holes, and other obstacles.

Bicycles must be ridden under control and at a speed that minimizes risks to other users. Bicyclists must yield to both horseback riders and hikers. Please pull of the trail and let horses pass you otherwise the horse may not hear your approach and be spooked when they notice you.


Creek Ranch offers excellent deer and elk hunting. If you are interested, please see the contact the Wildlife Stewardship Comittee for more informations.

Trail users should be sensitive to hunters during hunting season and avoid using the restricted trails where hunting is likely to occur so you don’t frighten the deer and elk (and for your own safety). The hunting seasons for 2016 are:

Archery (Aug 27th – Sept 25th)
Muzzleloader (Sept 10th – Sept 18th)

  1. Oct 15th – 19th
  2. Oct 22nd – 30th
  3. Nov 5th – 13th
  4. Nov 16th – 20th
  5. Nov 21st – Jan 31st
Most hunting occurs in draws along the North Trails. Check the Hunting Calendar on the owner’s web site ( to see when hunters are scheduled at Creek Ranch. Also hunters are encouraged to post where they are hunting at Creek Ranch on the Hunting board in the HQ barn.


Creek Ranch has over 3 miles of well stocked trout fishing on Trout Creek as well as our 3 ponds (HQ, Baker and Thames). All fishing is with artificial lures and barbless hooks only. Trout Creek is only catch and release but each party may keep 2 fish per day from the ponds.

Please see the Wildlife Stewardship Committee for more information before fishing.